Basic Training Cybersecurity

Duration: 1,5 hours, per participant via Teams. Maximum participants: 25

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25.00 € VAT Excluded

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We are not at all interesting to a hacker!

The aim of this training is to provide you as an entrepreneur with practical tools with which you can assess, but also significantly increase, the quality of your cyber resilience. You will learn about different attack techniques and the risks you run. An example of this is how vulnerable your website and your passwords can be, which can cause major problems. At the end, you will know what basic requirements your cybersecurity should meet, know where you run risks and you will also receive suggestions to improve your cyber resilience. If you are still the victim, what can you do to limit the consequences?

Topics covered include:

  • Recent News, Incidents and data breaches involving Cybersecurity and privacy
  • Phishing/Spearphishing
  • Ransom- and malware
  • DDoS
  • WiFi
  • Passwords and the Darkweb/Deepweb
  • MFA
  • VPN
  • Risk management
  • And much more...

Target audience:

  • Directors/higher management
  • IT
  • Privacy/Security/Compliance
  • Other personnel

This training is provided throughout the year by an experienced consultant from ID Control,, who will guide you through this fascinating world of cybersecurity, information security and privacy!