Data Protection Maturity

Duration: 1 hour, per participant via Teams. Maximum amount of participants: 25

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How mature is data protection and privacy really within your organization?

This training gives you insight into the maturity level of your GDPR compliance and data protection and explains in a businesslike manner what risks are present.

With the introduction of the GDPR in 2018, a lot of new rules and obligations have arisen for organizations. The purpose of this was to improve data protection for residents and thereby enable the free movement of their personal data within the EU. For organizations, non-compliance creates grounds for fines, while claims for damages from those involved loom. The risk of damage and fines can be significantly reduced if organizations implement all necessary changes. Many organizations have done this in recent years. However, recent news reports show that there are still organizations where this has not taken place optimally. But how do you measure where you stand in terms of GDPR compliance and what risks of fines you still run, so that you can protect yourself against this? You can measure the maturity of your data protection using the Data Protection Maturity model. This way you know how good your GDPR compliance is, what the risks of fines are and you gain business insight in which areas your organization still needs to make adjustments.

The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with a method with which they can measure the quality of their data protection and privacy maturity. In addition, we will then also get to work practically and significantly increase cyber resilience for a few participants. For example, we will measure the vulnerability of their websites and passwords (after permission and indemnification) so that they can be remedied. At the end you will know which requirements your data protection and privacy compliance should meet, you will know where you run the risk of which fines and you will also receive a few suggestions to improve your cyber resilience.

Target audience:

  • Directors/higher management
  • IT
  • Privacy/Security/Compliance
  • Other personnel

This training is provided throughout the year by an experienced consultant from ID Control,, who will guide you through this fascinating world of cybersecurity, information security and privacy!