NIS2.Management System

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The NIS2.Management System is, among other things, intended to determine how your organization handles data as referred to in the NIS2 Guideline.

The system contains the following modules:

– Management contacts within the organization; 
– Role based workflow and action management; 
– Relationship including contact persons management; 
– Information and infrastructure systems; 
– Asset management; 
– Vulnerability assessment service (option); 
- Process management; 
- Risk management; 
– Business continuity management; 
– Security and privacy policy and measures audit; 
– Supply chain management; 
– Incident management; 
– Reports at organization, process and system level; 
– Mobile Management App; 
– Ability to put a digital signature on agreements (option); 
– Cybersecurity training (optional); 
– Generating Security Statements. 
– Group approach with sharing infrastructure and information systems, relationships (including contact persons), and processes within a group;

You get access at customer level to the tool that is fully tailored to your organization. If you wish, you can be guided by an Infosecurity Partner.