Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management as a Service. Per asset

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Web scan

Scan your Content Management System or web application

ID Control's many scanners give you the option to check your websites and web applications for security holes. Our scanners support the most common Content Management Systems.

The following Content Management Systems are supported:

  •     WordPress
  •     Drupal
  •     Joomla
  •     Sharepoint

Also scan your web server for misconfigurations such as:

  •     Server software leaks
  •     Missing security headers
  •     Outdated JavaScript
  •     Insufficiently protected files

Also set up a periodic scan so that you are immediately informed if a vulnerability is discovered

Infra scan

We offer the following infrastructure scans:

  • Network Vulnerability Scan
    Our vulnerability scanner recognizes more than 57,000 vulnerabilities and is continuously updated. The network vulnerability scan has the following options:
    • Protocol type (TCP of UDP)
    • Scan type: Light of Full
    • Check if host is online
    • Port Scan type (most common, port range, port list)
  • TCP or UDP port scans
    The TCP or UDP port scans are ideal for gaining a quick insight into what is open in your network.
  • SSL/TLS scan
    Check your server for common vulnerabilities that could undermine your encryption. 
  • DNS Zone transfer scan
    With a DNS Zone transfer scan you can check whether your DNS servers are leaking potentially sensitive information. With a DNS Zone transfer you gain insight into all subdomains and IP addresses within a domain.