Privacy Officer as a Service

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Do you want to get started immediately with privacy and data protection within your organization or are you short on manpower or budget? Does your organization need an advisor for a number of hours per month for the protection of personal data and privacy? Or do you need help with the implementation of and awareness surrounding your privacy policy or carrying out a Data Protection Impact Assessment? Then meet ID Control's Privacy as a Service team.

What is a Privacy Officer?

A Privacy Officer (PO) is responsible for complying with and ensuring privacy legislation within an organization. 

What are the duties of a Privacy Officer?

The tasks of a Privacy Officer vary from monitoring privacy laws and regulations, coordinating and implementing measures to advising stakeholders in the event of incidents and disasters.

Basically, the Privacy Officer helps the organization to comply with laws and regulations regarding privacy, such as: 

  1. Governance structure
    Delegate various privacy topics within the organization (think of the standards framework for control, reporting for BI, AI, etc.).
  2. Inventory of personal data
    Inventory where personal data is used in the organization and manage this list.
  3. Privacy policy
    Drafting and maintaining privacy policies and statements.
  4. Processes and procedures
    Ensure that processes and procedures within the organization are in line with privacy laws and regulations.
  5. Training and awareness
    Provide training in the field of privacy within the organization and draw up an awareness program.
  6. Information security
    Maintain information security program. 
  7. Contract management
    Arrange and maintain processor agreements with third parties.
  8. New projects/processes
    Involved in new projects and/or processes that process personal data to perform impact analyzes and ensure Privacy by Design.
  9. Data leaks
    Ensuring coordination with, and being the contact person for, the relevant Data Protection Authority in the event of data leaks. Also manager of the internal data leak register.
  10. Rights of data subjects
    Ensuring coordination with, and being the contact person for, the exercise of the rights of data subjects. 
  11. Carrying out Data Protection Impact Assessments
    Ensure a thorough data protection impact assessment in a structured manner.
  12. External developments
    Keeping track of external developments in the field of privacy and data protection, including best practices, etc.